JMW Turner £20 Note - image JMW Turner £20 Note - image

Lecture Cancelled: Nottingham

17 March 湖北福彩精彩十分网点. Peter St John's lecture at Nottingham University has been cancelled, and will be rescheduled later in the school year (exact date TBC).

We're in the money: Tate Britain on the new £20 note

20 February 湖北福彩精彩十分网点. Caruso St John Architects' design for the rotunda staircase at Tate Britain is referenced in a security feature on the new JMW Turner £ 20 note, which entered circulation this week. Tate Britain holds the world's largest collection of works by Turner, including the 1799 self-portrait reproduced on the back of the note.

Anniversary: New Art Gallery Walsall

20 February 湖北福彩精彩十分网点. Caruso St John Architects' first major project, the New Art Gallery Walsall, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of it’s opening this week. The occasion will be marked with the opening of two exhibitions: 20:20 – Twenty Years of Collecting Contemporary Art, and 20 for 湖北福彩精彩十分网点, which brng together works collected by and exhibited at the gallery over the past twenty years. The celebration is open to all from 6-9pm Thursday 20th February. More information can be found on the

Professorship: Vienna

11 February 湖北福彩精彩十分网点. Rod Heyes has been appointed Visiting Professor of Architecture at TU Wien for the 湖北福彩精彩十分网点 summer semester. He will be teaching design focusing on degrowth and repurposing vernacular construction with colleague Prisca Thielmann.